Plan your holiday to Perhentian

We provide a fast, easy and cost effective way for shuttle and private transfer service. Choose your ride and Accommodation. Traveling with a group? Shared? On your own? Business @ vacation? We've got option for your budget and travel plans.

Accommodation Perhentian

We are your hotel booking management expert. our hotel connections net you competitive pricing with personal service

Perhentian Besar
Perhentian Island Resort
Coral View Island Resort
The Reef Chalet
The Barat Resort
Mama's Chalet
Cozy Chalet
Suhaila Palace
Beach Box
Bee Chalet
Tuna Bay Resort
Abdul Chalet
Flora Bay Chalet
Samudera Chalet
Arwana Resort
Perhentian Kecil
The Rooms
Bubu Long Beach
Bubu Villa
Nemo Chalet
Oppa Dani
Cocohut Long Beach
Sharila Resort
Aina Garden
Mimpi Resort
Boat Perhentian
boat transfer

We offer boat ticket and also private boat transfer service. Plan your holiday budget.

Kuala Besut jetty to -
Perhentian Island (per pax/share)
Perhentian Island (per boat/private)
Perhentian Island to @ from
Redang Island
Lang Tengah Island
other services offer
Snorkeling trip
On Perhentian Island
Redang & Lang Tengah (min 7 pax)
Rawa & Susu Dara (min 5 pax)
Perhentian Island Tour
From @ to other places
Merang Jetty to@from Redang Island
Merang Jetty to@from Lang Tengah
Redang Island to@from Lang Tengah
Transfer Perhentian

Qualified and very experienced drivers with a perfect knowledge to assist you and will whisk you away to your destination

8 Seater van offer

from Kota Bharu airport @ Town to -
Kuala Besut jetty
Kota Bharu Hotel
Merang Jetty
Belum Rain Forest
From Kuala Besut jetty to :
K.Bharu airport @ Town
Merang Jetty
Tanah Merah Train Station
Rantau Panjang (Thai Border)
Kuala Terengganu Airport @ Town
Tasik Kenyir
Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Tahan (Taman Negara)
Cameron Highland
Belum Rain Forest
daily Shuttle offer (March - Sept)
K. Besut to@from Taman Negara (K. Tahan)
Kuala Besut to@from Cameron Highland
Kuala Besut to@from Kota Bharu